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Everyone deserves a therapeutic massage because it’s what the body needs and KENDRA PLACE professional, high-quality mobile massage is ever ready to help you find relaxation and wellness with their affordable treatments.

At Kendra Massage and Spa Place, our top services are massage therapy, which includes; Relaxation massage, Steaming method, Deep tissue, Reflexology, express massage, Yoni massage, Hot stone massage and the Best Spa treatments ranging from soothing back rubs to deeply relaxing facials.

Kendra Place offers the best Vagacial treatment, a facial treatment performed on the vulva area of the vagina to get rid of skin impurities like dark areas, bumps & ingrown hair.

We do Facials, Hair Removal, Body Steaming, Butt Facial, Scrubing and our services truly bring you the best care in your own home.

Other services include Aromatherapy and organic skincare products, candles, home diffusers, hair care products, natural bath products & more.

We have the best Massage Therapist And Spa Professionals who are commited to helping you unwind and have a great time based on your specific needs.

We ensure that our clients get the best affordable treatment they deserve with the sole purpose of making them happy in their Home, Offices, Hotels etc in Lagos and we are available to travel to other states for massage therapy.

‘Treat your body to special therapies that are curated to please’ at KENDRA PLACE.

Visit our Website @ Today for more info. Send a DM on WhatsApp or Call Us To Book A Session, we are always at your service. Follows us on IG @kendra_place___

Telephone: 08133498245

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