President Buhari, suspend NYSC now

DANIYAN J. Afolarin, Lagos

What sense does it make to continue the National Youth Service Corps scheme in view of the present security situation in the country? Many Northerners, particularly their females, are never posted Southwards. To me, it’s a deceptive scheme only to favour a section of Nigeria.

We mustn’t forget when the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), made what many regarded as hate speech during the 2011 elections that, ‘Nigeria will be ungovernable’, if he lost the election. Many Southern corps members were slaughtered in the turbulent North.

A wise parent would never await any legislation to decide on the safety of their children when legislators and politicians’ children are well protected. How many bandits and Fulani killer herdsmen have been arrested and prosecuted?

Since government cannot protect the corps members in their areas of service, it serves no purpose retaining the programme. We cannot continue to lose our youths to bloodthirsty killers.

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