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Richest States in Nigeria: Top 10 in 2021 update

Nigeria is one of the most leading countries on the Africa continent and one of the most popular in the world.

The country, which is tagged the giant of Africa as well, also holds the record of being the most populous black people in the world.

Despite the rate of corruption in the country, it continues to thrive. There are beliefs that some nations would not survive the level of corruption the country has and is still facing.

For those who don’t know, Nigeria comprises 36 States and six regions, namely, the South West, South East, South-South, North Central, North East and the North West.

Even with the level of hardship in the country, some states are considered vital states which are doing quite well for themselves.

We have decided to bring you a list of the richest states in Nigeria. This list is based on the Gross Domestic Product of each state.

Below is a list of the ten richest states in Nigeria

  1. Lagos at $33.68 billion Coming at the top is Lagos state which is considered the centre of excellence and also the economic hub of the country. There are reports that if Lagos were a country, it would be the 5th largest economy in Africa. The state has a GDP of $33.68 billion
  2. Rivers at $21.17 billion The state is oil-producing, and it provides 60 per cent of Nigeria’s oil output. Rivers GDP is at $21.17 billion.

3.  Delta at $16.75 billion
This is one of Nigeria’s most natural resources endowed state. It also has large deposits of crude oil and natural gas. The state GDP is at $16.75 billion.

  1. Oyo state at $16.12 billion
    This state is located in the South West of the country and shares a border with Lagos state. The economic sector of the state is focused on Agriculture. It has a GDP of $16.12 billion.

5.  Imo state at $14.21 billion
Located in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, Imo has a GDP of $14.21 billion. It is rich in natural resources, like zinc, natural gas, crude oil, lead, limestone, fine sand and white clay. According to the reports, there are over 163 oil wells in the state.

  1. Kano state at $12.39 billion It is located in the Northern part of the country with a GDP of $12.39 billion. Kano is one of the biggest producers of skins and hides in Nigeria.
  1. Edo at $11.89 billion
    This is a famous state in Nigeria known for its tourist attraction; it has a GDP of $11.89 billion
  2. Akwa Ibom at $11 billion
    This is one of the popular states with excellent facilities in the country. It has a GDP of $11 billion.
  3. Ogun state at $11 billion
    Located in the South West, Ogun state shares a border with Lagos state and is home to a lot of industries in the country
    like P&G in Agbara, Coleman Cables in Arepo, Lafarage Cement in Ewekoro, Dangote Cement in Ibese.
  4. Kaduna state at $10.33 billion
    The state is an Agrarian state with a population of 6.1 million people. It has a GDP of $10.33 billion.

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