BBNaijaS6: Angel advises Micheal on restricting his love interest to Jackie B |MarvelTvUpdates

Big Brother Naija housemate, Angel, has advised Michael in a conversation with him after the late night games not to focus too much on his love interest, Jackie B on Tuesday day 24 of the show

Ever since Michael got into the house two weeks ago, Jackie B has been so clingy to him and fans gave them the name ‘Michael Jackson’.

Michael told Angel that he does not really understand his relationship with Jackie B as he accuses her of snubbing him and further asked Angel for her opinion on his relationship with Jackie B.

In response, Angel said, “From my point of view, it looks like you guys are figuring things out. There’s a lot to consider in figuring it out. If you guys want to be serious, you’ll have to take it slow.

“You can put it into consideration that you’ve only known her for a week. So you can’t exactly restrict yourself to her. There could be someone in the house that you probably ‘feel’ more.”

She added, “Everybody keeps pushing you and there’s this pressure to keep up to that expectation. It doesn’t have to be so.”

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