We’re getting nearer to an agreement with Twitter – Lai Mohammed |MarvelTvUpdates

The minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed has announced that Twitter has agreed to seven out of the 10 demands they made to lift the suspension on the microblogging platform in Nigeria.

The Minister said this in Washington DC during his on-going engagement with global media outlets, think-tanks and influencers.

Mohammed said;
“We believe that even the other three outstanding demands, are not really about whether they agreed or not but about timing and scheduling.

“That is what gave me the confidence that we are getting nearer to an agreement.

“As recently as last week, we exchanged correspondence with Twitter, and when I left home a few days ago; we are expecting a reply from them.

“It is left with Twitter to respond to grey areas that we asked them to look into.

“We are not inflexible in our negotiation with Twitter because we recognise both the positive and negative aspects of the social media.”

He also added that it won’t be business as usual when the platform resumes operation in the country and that the Twitter ban in the country has been effective because less toxic contents have been seen on social media.

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