BBNaija: Jaypaul won Saskay’s heart through diligence – Cross |MarvelTvUpdates

Big Brother Naija S6 housemate, Cross, has revealed that Jaypaul won Saskay’s heart by being diligent and focused.

Cross, who also had eyes for Saskay made this known while speaking with Pere and Jackie B about the Sunday live eviction show where the host, Ebuka openly revealed that Jaypaul and Saskay shared a kiss.

Cross however accepting defeat said that Jaypaul was diligent in pursuing Saskay and even got a kiss from her, though she claimed she was celibate.

He however recently mentioned that he no longer have feelings for Saskay and that he is romantically attracted to Angel.

In a way of mocking Cross, Pere said, “Jaypaul used a sledgehammer to bulldoze you.”

Jackie B also stated that Cross wasn’t consistent enough as she said, “It’s because he’s not consistent in his own. My guy (Cross) doesn’t have time. Jaypaul is very determined.”

In agreement, Pere said, “Jaypaul was actually taking care of Saskay.”

Hailing Jaypaul, Cross said, “You know what they call diligence? Jaypaul is very diligent. He is the definition of diligence. He was very determined. Jaypaul has been very focused.”

In agreement with Cross statement, Jackie B said that she admires Jaypaul’s diligence and consistency.

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