Bbnaija: Cross reacts to jaypaul and Saskay’s kiss

Ebuka; the table Shaker’s revelation about the late night kiss between jaypaul and saskay gets cross angry and devastated. He finds the occurrence annoying and says saskay allowed that happen because jaylaul has “successfully broken her wall”.
” Jaypaul kept going till he broke down her wall. I didn’t know she would give room for that”.

Cross opened up to saskay about his feelings for her but she turned him down. This made him infuriated after realizing her kiss with Jaypaul. …… “I am a person that when you tell me no, I will respect it. They are running me street for this life but it’s okay. It takes a lot to break her down”. All these were revealed in his discussion with saskay yesterday night.

He decides to keep Jaypaul and saskay in their space by moving on and going for Angel

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