I Chose Fufu Over My Football Career | MarvelTvUpdates

Kwame Oboadie a Ghanaian media personality, has disclosed how his love for fufu stopped him from pursuing a career in football.

The media personality gave disclosed this in an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay on the Delay show. According to him, he had to chose between the traditional food and his football career.

He said:
I wasn’t able to become the footballer I had always wished to be because I loved fufu so much. Anytime I got back from playing soccer, my parents will reserve cooked cassava with soup for me to eat because according to them, I failed to help them pound it.

It went on and on until they devised a new strategy to trigger me to stay at home and not play football anymore.

This time around, they crushed the fufu into lumps and poured the soup on it so it get spoilt anytime I return from the field. I changed my mind and stopped playing football so I can get to eat some good fufu. I chose fufu over my football career.

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