Family Buries Their Son Alive For Being Too Stubborn | MarvelTvUpdates

Mr Lambert Ukachukwu, his wife, their daughter, and their son, Philip, have been accused of killing their 28-year-old identified as Chukwuebuka at their home in Duruegwele village, Umueze II, in Ehime Mbano Local Government of Imo State.

The couple and their daughter have been arrested while their son, who is on the run, is wanted over the death of their last child.

The family accused the deceased of being too stubborn and giving them sleepless nights so they all decided to kill him.

On September 17, 2021, they hit the deceased with a piece of wood and left him to die. He was then buried in a shallow grave.

The youths of Duruegwele community noticed Chukwuebuka’s absence but when they confronted the family, they were told that Chukwuebuka traveled to Ghana.

The daughter eventually confessed to the murder when the youths threatened to burn down the family’s house.

Following the daughter’s confession, the father was forced to dig out his son’s corpse from the shallow grave he was buried in.

The family is presently at the Imo State Police Command except for Philip, who is on the run.

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