DIVORCE: Kim Kardashian To Get $60Million Hidden Hills Estate Shared With Kanye West |MarvelTVUpdates

Kim Kardashian is set to get the $60million Hidden Hills Estate she shared with Kanye West as part of their divorce.

The couple were spotted going on a dinner date few weeks ago, even during the divorce.

Fans of the couple had thought they had reconcile in the recent weeks after their date, making fans think their divorce was going to be called off.

But according to court documents filed on Tuesday the split is still on.

According to TMZ, Kim and her children have been staying on the property since she filed for divorce in February.

The couple bought the mansion in 2014 for $40million and Kanye took the lead in rebuilding it from the ground up.

It was also reported that the negotiation for the property was extremely cordial between Kim and Kanye.

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