[PHOTOS] : Mercy Johnson Instigates Her Daughter To Fight And Cause Havoc In Her New School– Instagram User | MarvelTVUpdates

An Instagram user, whose name’s Nancy Chidera has called out Mercy Johnson Okojie over the incident that happened at her daughter, Purity’s school.

Yestrday Okojie had called out a teacher at her daughter’s school for bullying her, she shared the story on her Instagram handle.

Chidera said , Purity has always been a thorn in the flesh of the school’s authority.

She alleged that Mercy instigates her daughter to fight and cause havoc in her new school and that when the teacher cautioned her for it, Mercy came to fight the teacher.

Chidera also added that Purity was sent away from her former school because of her character and that of her mother.

Mercy Johnson, however, denied that claim insisting that she changed her children’s school because of the distance.

According to Chidera, after Purity was punished for fighting another pupil, her mother stormed the school and attacked the headteacher.

She reportedly called her husband, Prince Okojie who allegedly showed up with thugs and manhandled the headteacher of the school.

The movie star had earlier refuted Chidera’s claims, insisting that she never showed up at the school with thugs.

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