[PHOTOS]: Mercy Johnson Okojie Daughter Bullyed At School By Teacher Because Her Mother Is A Public Figure | MarvelTVUpdates

According to the Mercy Johnson, the said teacher has been constantly bullying her daughter for the past two weeks.

She said her daughter use to complain to her, but she feels Purity was exaggerating.

Things took a different turn on Thursday, October 21, 2021, when she went to pick her daughter from school.

According to the 8-year-old, she was treated unequally by the same teacher after an incident with another student.

Mercy revealed that the teacher told her daughter to the face that she doesn’t like her mother.

The actress also denied the claims by an Instagram user, that she visited the school with thugs to manhandle the headteacher.

She also said the reason she change her daughter’s school was because of the distance contrary to the claims by the IG user who said otherwise.

Okojie said she has reported the matter to the school authorities who say they would handle the situation.

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