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A couple could be in serious trouble after they filmed themselves having sex behind the altar inside a church in Belgium.

The couple were seen appearing to have “doggy-style” intercourse behind an altar inside Sint-Michielskerk Church in the city of Bree and it caused outrage.

The footage has prompted police investigation.

In the video, a naked woman is seen bending over while the man films her from behind.

He appears to be filming with one hand while the other can be seen occasionally groping the woman’s waist.

The identity of the couple is still unknown.

When the encounter took place is also currently unclear but people from the church believe it could have happened on October 27.

The church is a publicly accessible building so anyone is able to enter the church.

 According to the news site Het Nieuwsblad, the police are investigating the incident as pornography in a public place and dissemination of the images.

Bree mayor Liesbeth Van der Auwera said: “The police have announced that a double report has officially been drawn up.”

Sint-Michielskerk Church spokesperson Ernest Essers said the incident “exceeded all boundaries of decency, respect, and fairness”.

He said he received the video via WhatsApp on 29th October, adding: “This is public defamation. We are going to file a complaint with the police.

“Due to the extended All Saints weekend, this would have happened on Wednesday (October 27),” he speculated.

Essers said: “We want to handle this discreetly, but of course we want it to be followed up. This has overwhelmed us.”

The investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

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