[PHOTOS]: OAP Toolz Gives her Fans Abusive Advice After They Shared Their Secrets With Her On Her Instagram Story | MarvelTVUpdates

Nigerian On-Air personality Tolu ‘Toolz’ Demuren has given her fans some really interesting advice to her fans who shared secrets with her.

She started a Q/A with her fans via her Instagram Stories but this time around asked them to share some of their secrets.

A fan who was worried about her husband who has been cheating and had no idea how to go about it.

Her response wasn’t filled with the regular pity party as she advised the fan to confront her husband and if that didn’t go as planned then she should sleep with his friends.

Another woman wrote about her cheating husband who eventually left with his mistress.

She then advises scorned married women to choose violence.
“I should say you are a strong woman blah blah blah…but I really think you should burn his car,” Toolz replied.


Another lady who wrote about sleeping with a married man for eight years was advised to desist or expect the wrath of the wife.

Toolz’ brutal and honest comments have since sparked a lot of conversations online and offline.

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