If You Cannot Make It In Nigeria, You Cannot Make It Outside – Clergyman Tells Nigerians Planning To Flee | MarvelTvUpdates

A Nigerian clergyman identified as Pastor Olumide Emmanuel, has said that any of his colleagues who fail to make it in Nigeria cannot make it outside Nigeria.

Speaking to those who plan to relocate abroad to continue to pastoral ministry, Pastor Emmanuel said;

”Men of God. All of you that say you want to go to Canada. It is not a curse. You can’t make it. You that did not make it here in Nigeria..you have been in Ministry for 12 years and you can’t gather 50 people…you want to go to Canada, it is Taxi you would drive there. If nobody is telling you, you would become a barber, you would become a security officer. You would be remembering the days when you were a Minister. They are plenty there. We know their story.

A lizard in Nigeria cannot become a crocodile in Canada.”

The clergyman opined that the kind of messages being preached here in Nigeria cannot be preached in Canada

” Many of you pastors don’t even know that you do not have a message. The only reason why you are in ministry is because of the poverty in Nigeria. Your Ministry is based on the poverty and irresponsibility of leadership.”

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