Lady Laments After Natural Pink Lips Procedure Went Wrong | MarvelTvUpdates

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to lament bitterly after her semi-permanent natural pink lips procedure went south.

According to the lady, she was tired of using different products to make her lips pink temporarily so she decided to hop on the ‘natural’ procedure which would last longer.

She said after the procedure, her lips got swollen and doubled in size and this has gotten her worried and scared.

However, she said she has been assured that it would reduce to its normal size eventually.

In her words;

“Guys I decided to go do natural pink lips because I was tired of buying different types of pink lips balm, pink lips scrub and all that.

So I decided to go do something that will last for me and this is what I got. I just pray it comes down soon. Because they said it’s going to come down. I guess that’s the process of me finding beauty.”

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