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The Taliban on Friday replaced the government’s ministry of women affairs with a notorious department for enforcing strict religious doctrine during their first rule two decades ago.

An open letter was sent to the United States Congress on the humanitarian and economic crisis unfolding in their country by Talibans

Washington was asked to release Afghan central bank assets in the letter.

The letter reads:

“Currently, the fundamental challenge of our people is financial security and the roots of this concern lead back to the freezing of assets of our people by the American government”.

The Taliban fears that it would lead to mass migrations and also damage the country’s health and education sectors.


“The suffering of a child from malnutrition, the death of a mother from lack of health services, the deprivation of a common Afghan from food, shelter, medicine and other primary needs has no political or logical justification.

“It is detrimental for the prestige of the government and people of the United States of America because this is a pure humanitarian issue.”

Most aid to Afghanistan was suspended after they took over power in August.

With billions frozen.

The Kabul Government when still in power had received $8.5 billion in the military and civil aid annually, according to a report by the Kabul think-tank, Afghanistan Analysts Network.

75 per cent of which was used for public spending.

The education and health sectors as well as other public services, are no longer fully operational.

A warning from the United Nations states that 97 per cent of Afghans could plunge into poverty by mid-2022.

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