[VIDEO]: Kim Kardashian Daughter, North West Goes Live On TikTok Without Her Mother’s Permission | MarvelTvUpdates

Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West went live on TikTok to give a tour of her house without her mothers permission and she was told off by her mother when she found out.

Kim and her daughter North started off a TikTok account towards the end of November.

North however went live on TikTok on Sunday, Dec 12,giving fans a tour of their Southern California home before showing Kim laying in bed.

North begins the tour with her own bedroom taking viewers on the tour while chatting to other children at the house, including her brothers and sister

She however ends the tour in her mother’s room where she was laying in bed.

“Mom, I’m live,” she tells her mom.
Shocked, Kim responds: “No stop, you know you’re not allowed too.”

North then replies: “Okay bye.”

Kim is heard saying, “Is she really going live?” to an unknown female voice that answers, “I don’t know.”

Watch the video below.

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