Every Lyric In My EP I Personally Experienced It – Bims | MarvelTVUpdates

Nigeria Singer, Olawale Isreal-Lagbokun, popularly known as Bims, has said that fans should expect nothing but good music in his Extended Play album titled, Beyond Your Eyes.

During an Interview with Sunday Scoop, he said, “Every lyric I sang, I personally experienced it. So, it’s true to me. Listeners of my EP should be expecting a lot of beautiful and genuine music from that body of work.

“Meanwhile, I am still working on new songs and a few collaborations. It was a bitter-sweet experience. For example, the fifth track is titled, Return to the Streets, and it was about unreciprocated love though it was good while it lasted.”

Asked about the challenges he faces while creating music, the singer said, “Honestly, I face a lot of challenges. Setting the music to the right ears is one of the major challenges. However, I am grateful for platforms such as this. The industry is changing and I am positive that things would get better in the nearest future.

Adding that he would like to see more collaboration among artist. “Personally, I would like to see more togetherness among artistes because now, it seems like there is so much bad blood. We should be a family. Every single individual’s win should be celebrated collectively.”

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