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Heavy weight fighter, Anthony Joshua has confirmed he will work with some good coaches in a new environment before his rematch with Oleksandr Usyk.

This is came after questions were asked over Joshua’s coaching team after his defeat to Usyk in September.

According to source, Anthony Joshua has spent time in America visiting several gyms and coaches, ahead of his contracted rematch with the Ukrainian this year.

He has appeared to suggest he will switch up his training squad or base, having consulted Rob McCracken.

During an Interview in Dubai, he said: “I’m a loyal character. I believe loyalty’s important.

“I’ve been based in Sheffield and had a good chat with my coach and I wanna try some new things, I wanna try a new environment.

“Maybe I can do a training camp in Dubai, maybe I can do a training camp in Africa, in America – just a new environment to get inspired again and to take the heavyweight division by storm.”

He added: “That’s what 2022 holds for me – revamping, reorganising, new environment and staying at the top.

“New environment, work with some good coaches and just go to war. It’s a warrior mindset.”

Joshua is actually yet to reveal whether head coach McCracken will be replaced, or work alongside another coach.

McCracken has guided Joshua to gold in the 2012 London Olympics and two unified heavyweight titles in the professional ranks. After Joshua, 32, shocking loss to Andy Ruiz Jr, also 32, in June 2019.

He did add Angel Fernandez and Joby Clayton to his team six months later, winning on points.

Joshua is motivated to take another fight for a second time.

Joshua told Sky Sports: “When I lost the first time, I never made no excuses, but I had my reasons and I knew I would get it back.

“But this one hurt because I was 100 per cent, no problems, everything was cool.

“I went in there and I just lost to the better man that night and it hurt.

“But it gave me motivation to pull myself out of that position where mentally it killed me. And I fought my way back and I’ll redeem myself.” he added.

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