Bobrisky Apologize To The Public After He Was Slammed By Benin People For Asking The Oba Of Benin To Marry Him | MarvelTVUpdates

Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky apologize to the public after he was slammed by Benin people for asking the Oba of Benin to marry him.

In a video made by Bobrisky, he was seen in a convoy, sharing his excitement as he arrived at Benin City for an event organized by interior designer Ehi Ogbebor yesterday.

While speaking, he hailed himself as a “pretty woman” and then mentioned that the Oba should come and marry him.

”The queen is here. We are here to disturb Benin. Oba of Benin, Bob don enter o. Come and marry me Oba. ”

Some Edo people who did not find what he said funny, started threatening Bobrisky, saying they were going to attack him if they see him.

He was forced to make another video apologizing for his comment.

Watch the apology video below:

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