SHOCKING: Former Medical Student Castrates Himself So As To Serve God Better | MarvelTvUpdates

Terhemen Anongo, a 44-year-old resident of Gboko in Benue State who dropped out of medical school and turned a truck pusher has reportedly castrated himself in order to serve God better.

Anongo made headlines after he personally undertook the surgery himself and removed one of his testicles in March 2021 and almost lost his life in the process as the surgery resulted in profuse bleeding.

The man who reportedly dropped out University of Ibadan medical school over alleged ill health, told newsmen that the castration was based on his religious belief that since he was not married, he needed to serve God faithfully.

He was however given a second chance at life after being taken for medical attention by those around him.

He told newsmen on Sunday January 9; “I went to remove the second testicle based on religious belief. I removed it on Monday. The first one had little hitches but this one having learnt from that experience, I did (remove) it very well. Somebody is always coming to dress it for me.

“I’m fine. There is no problem, I’m only waiting for when the wound will heal so I can remove the stitches.”

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