Allow Our Dear Sylvester’s Soul Rest Peacefully In Our Lord’s arms – Dowen College Pleads With Public To Stop Spreading False Information | MarvelTvUpdates

Authorities and management of Dowen College, Lagos has pleaded with members of the public to stop distributing false information against the school over one of its student, Sylvester Oromoni, that died under controversial circumstances on November 30, 2021.

The school authorities released a statement on Mon January 10 and said the public should allow late Sylvester’s soul rest in peace.

They also noted that they decided to remain silent since Oromoni’s passing because they wanted experts, law enforcement agencies, the government, and medical authorities, among others to do their jobs and unearth the truth about the incident

The statement read; “At this point, we respectfully request that all those who have consistently, misguidedly and maliciously pushed false information should desist immediately and allow our dear Sylvester’s soul rest peacefully in our Lord’s arms.

“The longstanding integrity, values and processes the school worked tirelessly to maintain over the past 24 years were unfairly called to question and dragged through the mud since.”

The school authorities said the result of the autopsy conducted on the deceased revealed that there was “no bodily harm, no intoxication, but rather that the young boy suffered and died of pre-existing health conditions that had not been treated.”

“Today the truth wins, our faith wins and our integrity wins. We pray that no school or organisation ever has to experience what we have been going through.” the statement read in part

Last week, the Lagos state Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, held a press conference where he mentioned that the two autopsies carried out on late Sylvester’s body concluded he died a natural death.

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