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A disc jockey (DJ) in Kilifi County, Kenya, aged 27 reportedly committed suicide after being allegedly assaulted while working at a nearby hotel.

The family of Salim Moriasi, also known as DJ Goodie, claims that on Christmas Day, around 1:00 a.m., he was killed in a fight at the County Lux Comfort Hotel in Marikanani.

George Abuga, a spokesperson for the late entertainer’s family, stated that he died from injuries he sustained when he failed to play a song that some of the partygoers requested.

The DJ was taken to Mariakani Sub-County Hospital in a hurry, where he died while being treated.

Abuga said a dissection directed at the Coast General Clinic funeral home uncovered that the departed passed on from cardiorespiratory capture and extreme head injury.

He added,

“I went to the funeral. The body’s damage suggested that it was caused by a combatant.

The family also said that the club’s management booked the deceased as an unknown patient at the Mariakani Sub-county Hospital despite the fact that he had worked there for six years. This was in addition to saying that DJ Goodie’s employer tried to get in the way of the investigation into the incident.

People who booked DJ Goodie at the hospital reported that he fell down flight of stairs, according to the hospital’s report.

Added Abuga;

“The club claims that its long-term employee was an unidentified Kenyan male, and the murder was terrible. Clips of our son being brutally murdered in cold blood by known individuals are all over, but no one has been arrested as of yet.

“The people who brought him to the hospital informed the doctor that he had been drinking when he was found lying on the floor.”

However, after examining him, the doctor suggested a CT scan. We appeal to the authorities to swiftly apprehend the perpetrators.”

The incident was confirmed by Kaloleni Sub County Police Commander Alexander Makau, who stated that an investigation into the alleged murderer is ongoing.

Additionally, Makau stated that the police have analyzed the entertainment establishment’s CCTV footage.

In addition,

The deceased’s murder has been confirmed by the postmortem report. We are up to the challenge of bringing all of the culprits to justice.

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