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The cross cultural TV Reality show, Big Brother Titians which started on Sunday is getting very interesting already,

On Monday, housemates have started nominating themselves for possible eviction on Sunday.

The housemates were told to nominate two housemates each after Mmeli emerged winner of this week Head of House.

Mmeli had emerged winner after a dice game of chance, He picked Ipelang to share his HoH reward and room.

After the exercise, Biggie announced that all housemates except the HoH are up for eviction on Sunday.

It is, however, not sure if any housemate will be evicted during the live show on Sunday.

Here is how the 20 housemates nominated.

Tsatsii- Nana and Lukay

Justin- Nelisa and Nana

Olivia- Yemi and Khosi

Jaypee- Yemi and Khosi

Thabang – Justin and Nana

Yyvonne- Marvin and Tasti

Lukay- Justin and Olivia

Nana- Yemi and Jaypee

Juicy J- Justin and Nana

Jennie O – Thasti and Khosi

Mmeli- Nana and Blaqboi.

peleng- Jennie O and Olivia

Blaqboi -Yemi Cregx and Yaya

Yaya- Nana and Blaqboi

Ebubu- Justin and Nana

Marvin- Justin and Khosi

Nelisa- Khosi and Nana

Yemi- Olivia and Nana

Khosi- Jaypee and Jennie O

Kanaga Jnr- Lukay and Olivia

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