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The National association Science Laboratory Technology Presidential aspirant, Miss Motunrayo, earlier today has released her manifesto. 

The SLT 500L Geology student in her manifesto promised the department freedom of speech and the right to a good education. The election is not yet announced.

She wrote;  



“Motunrayo Movement For Positive Change”.

With ecstasy and much gratification, I stand before the department and a conglomeration of sophisticated and intelligent students of SLT today to present to you my manifesto. I am contesting for the post of the president of the great Union (NASTES). I am a 500 level student of  Science Laboratory Technology (Geology technique), and  have decided to run for NASTES President because I believe in liberal values. These are the values of meritocracy, freedom of speech and the right to a good education. Service to humanity they say is the best work of life; I have since my childhood days been saddled with responsibilities of serving humanities in numerous capacity, social, religious and academic activities. If I am elected as the NASTES President, I shall uphold the rules and regulations of this union.  I am vying for this office mainly because I’m persuaded that this a divine imperative. I’m certain that I have the capacity to move the movement forward with the use of my skills and talents in the area of leadership. Being aware of the positive influence I have on campus, my ability to reach out to students is enormously high, I believe that I have the ability to fulfill the main functions of the student movement.

These functions are:

1. Advocate for Nastesites: I wish to stand as an advocate for the Nastesites in all issues of importance and of moral values to make their voice heard on campus.

2. Stir Nastesites interest: I wish to stir students interest in every activity on campus that will develop their man power and ability to be creative.

3. Heightened the spirituality on the campus: to heightened the spirit of Aluta.

4. To promote unity among NASTESITES: there is a saying that “divided we fall”, “united we stand”. It is on this premise that I wish to promote unity among the students regardless of their religious and cultural background.


•To create and maintain the maximum utilization of the creativity of the students for a dynamic, purposeful, socio-economical and political advancement of the Nastesites.

• Easy accessibility: It is very crystal clear that one of the major reasons for failure in government is the bridge in communication between the leaders and the followers, it is on this note, I plan to generate an open and closer relationship with all the students in the sense that the student union will be more student-centric, we will be having a suggestion box tagged “say your own view”, this box will serve as a hub of idea where student will be free to contribute their own opinions with regards to what is happening inside and outside the department.

• Communication: To improve communication, so that you will know what the union and the the department at large are doing for you.

• Ensuring the department truly stands up for all students.

• Bringing back the NASTES AWARD SCHEME for students to award them for their outstanding performances.

Hence, as the NASTES president, it will be my aim that all Nastesites voice are heard. My motivation is simple; I believe in this union and through the collective work of the executive committee, staff and the students, we can continue with the great progress that this department is making. Furthermore, I want to be remembered as a NASTES president who pursued the wishes of the students and accomplished many great things. I will be willing to do anything within my power to achieve this, as the students are my concern. However, I can’t achieve them without your vote, so support me in the Nastes elections. If you vote for me, you will see a leader who is dedicated, focus and committed to improving the lives of all the students in this department. I pledge to appreciate and promote the good dreams of the department; it’s VISION, MISSION, and PHILOSOPHY.


Long live NASTES,                                                                                                                                            

Long live SLT,                                                                       

Long live FACULTY OF SCIENCE,                                                                                                                                            

Long live EKSU,

Long live Ekiti State,

Long live Nigeria.

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