Political Crisis Brews In Kogi Ad Governor Ododo Sacks Yahaya Bello’s Ally As Transition Chairman | MarvelTvUpdates 

A political storm is gathering momentum in Kogi State as Governor Usman Ododo abruptly removed Hassan Atawodi, the Transition Committee Chairman of Ofu Local Government Area.

Atawodi, whom former Governor Yahaya Bello appointed, was accused of diverting palliative rice intended for distribution to disadvantaged constituents.

According to Sahara Reporters, tensions escalated when Atawodi allegedly defied instructions from Deputy Governor Joel Salifu Oyibo, who hails from the same Ofu local government area.

The deputy governor reportedly instructed Atawodi to distribute the palliative rice to party stakeholders rather than the intended impoverished recipients.

Atawodi objected, citing economic hardships, high inflation, and soaring living costs.

The power struggle intensified, resulting in Atawodi’s dismissal.

Governor Ododo swiftly appointed Musa Muhammed Lawal, known as Solar, as the new Transition Chairman of Ofu Local Government Area.

Observers suggest that Atawodi’s loyalty to former Governor Bello presents a challenge to the new governor, while Hon. Alfa, once a Bello loyalist, has shifted allegiance to Governor Ododo.

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