Sunday Igboho Blows Hot, Vows To Chase Away Killer Herdsmen From Yorubaland | MarvelTvUpdates

Yoruba Nation activist Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, has returned to Nigeria, announcing his mission to expel killer herdsmen from Yorubaland.

Igboho made the declaration during his mother’s burial in Igboho, Oyo State, urging the community to join forces in reclaiming their lands from herders.

Addressing the gathering, Igboho expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s response to the challenges of killer herders and called for local communities to take charge of their security.

He emphasized the importance of unity in protecting Yoruba lands, stating, “Let us mount security in all the Yoruba lands ourselves; if not, they will take our lands.”

Igboho highlighted the hardships faced by farmers due to herders’ activities and criticized the deployment of police and soldiers, especially in Ekiti State, where monarchs were killed.

He called for collective action to counter the encroachment of herders and safeguard Yoruba communities.

“It was my mother that was my fear before, but now she’s gone, I have nothing to be scared of again. I am now back to take back our land,” he added.

While refuting claims that he was working for politicians, Igboho asked if he could work for politicians and if they would still want him dead.

His words: “I am not working for any politician. In fact, if I incidentally slapped someone, the government would be ready to arrest me and put me behind bars.

“I know they are watching me closely now to know my next action, but I’m ready to take a step to stop these marauders’ activities in our lands.”

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