“This Is Just Pure Disrespect” — Netizens Rejects Asake’s ‘Only Me’ New Video | MarvelTvUpdates

Singer Asake has come under fire for the concept adopted for the music video of his song, ‘Only Me’.

The visual for the 2024 hit song was released on February 29, 2024. The colourful video directed by, TG OMORI, included some scenes that did not sit well with the Christian community.

In the video, a scene depicting a Christian ritual associated with the Catholic Church can be seen, with vixens dressed in Chasubles.

Christian Netizens have angrily stated that Asake, who is a Muslim, had no right incorporating a Christian ritual in his music video in a casual way. Some other Christians went ahead to tag the entire video a ‘blasphemy’.

One ianvincius wrote, ‘Asake is a Muslin, and the lyrics do not even correlate. This is just pure disrespect.’

Marveyof Maevey-R said, ‘Leave other people’s religion, don’t disrespect it.’

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Watch the video below;

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