CCC Worldwide Mourns As Oshoffa’s Daughter, Prophetess Deborah Oshoffa Is Reportedly Dead | MarvelTvUpdates

In a heartbreaking announcement that has left the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide and the Oshoffa Family in deep mourning, the passing of Prophetess Gbolasere Deborah Oshoffa has been confirmed.

The daughter of the esteemed founder of the church, Saint S.B.J. Oshoffa, Prophetess Deborah’s unexpected departure has left a profound sense of loss among the faithful.

According to the statement made available to Freelanews by the CCC Worldwide head of media, Dr. Kayode Ajala, the sorrowful event occurred on Thursday, the 14th of March, 2024, plunging the church into a state of shock and disbelief.

Prophetess Oshoffa’s significant role within the church and her esteemed lineage have made her passing all the more poignant for the global Celestial community.

In response to this tragic loss, His Eminence, Reverend Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa, the Pastor and Spiritual Head of the Celestial Church of Christ, has made the difficult decision to cancel all scheduled engagements until further notice.

This includes the postponement of the ongoing anointment exercise and the International Ministers and Workers Retreat, originally slated to commence on Monday, the 18th of March.

Despite the suspension of activities, the present attendees of the anointment exercise at the Holy Land, Celestial City, Imeko, Ogun State, will be attended to today, out of respect for their efforts and the distances traveled to participate in the sacred event.

The entire Celestial community is urged to join in prayer and reflection during this time of bereavement. Further updates will be provided as they become available.

May Prophetess Deborah Oshoffa’s soul find eternal peace, and may her memory continue to inspire and guide the faithful of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide.

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