‘Respect Muslims, Don’t Eat In Public During Fasting Hours’ — Chief Imam, Falomo Lagos Central Mosque Warns Nigerians | MarvelTvUpdates

The Chief Imam, Falomo Lagos Central Mosque, Dr Tajudeen Adebayo, said the public should respect the sensibility of the fasting Muslim faithful by avoiding eating in their presence.

Adebayo said that eating in public during the hours of fasting debases the sensibility of those fasting and could discourage people from the self-denial ritual.

The Cleric spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Thursday, against the backdrop of some Muslims that were caught eating when they should be fasting.

It was reported that Hisbah, the Islamic Police, on Wednesday in Kano arrested 10 men and a female groundnut vendor for allegedly eating in public during the hours of fasting. 

The Hisbah spokesperson, Mr Lawal Fagge, who confirmed the arrest, said that the men were arrested near a Kano market while the female vendor was caught eating from her wares. Fagge said that the arrest was facilitated by a tip-off from onlookers.

Commenting on the incident, the Lagos cleric said that in an ideal Islamic setting, fasting during Ramadan is sacred and should be respected by all. 

Fasting is mandatory for every mature, healthy Muslim who is not on a journey. 

Exempted from fasting are sick people, travellers, the elderly, and pregnant and breastfeeding women who cannot bear it. 

Women who are experiencing their monthly flow or childbirth blood are exempted too.

However, those who have excuses valid enough to be exempted from fasting, either permanently or tentatively, are expected. 

It is courteous for others to respect the sensibility of those who are fasting by not eating publicly. 

According to him, it is on that ground of insensitivity to the feelings of the general public that they were arrested.

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