Former Chelsea Midfielder Files For Divorce After Discovering The 2 Kids He Raised Were Fathered By His Wife’s Ex | MarvelTvUpdates

A former Chelsea and Real Madrid midfielder, Geremi Sorele Njitap Fotso has filed for divorce after DNA tests showed his two children were fathered by his wife’s ex.

Midfielder Geremi, 45, said the couple’s twins were born after wife Laure had a fling.

Court documents in his native Cameroon say she “destroyed the harmony” of their marriage “through her abject behaviour”.

They also mention her “repeated lies”, and add: “No children have been born from this union.

She claimed the twins born in June 2008 — four years before the couple’s marriage were his, which motivated them to get married.

“But the discovery that the children were from her previous partner destroyed the couple’s harmony.

“It caused him a huge emotional shock.”

He also said his wife psychologically damaged him.

Cameroon ace Geremi made 109 Chelsea appearances between 2003 and 2007, scoring four goals.

Geremi played for Real Madrid for 1999 and 2003.

He winning La Liga and the Champions League twice.

Geremi also previously played for Newcastle.

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