‘Labour Party National Chairman, Julius Abure Planning To Suspend Peter Obi’ | MarvelTvUpdates

The embattled Labour Party national treasurer, Oluchi Opara, has alleged that the party’s National Chairman, Julius Abure, is planning to suspend the presidential candidate in the 2023 election, Peter Obi.

It was gathered that Opara made this known in an interview with PUNCH, stating that the six-month suspension from the party over the corruption allegation against Abure was unjustified.

She dared the national chairman to come clean on the corruption allegation levelled against him instead of jumping to the conclusion that she was telling lies.

According to her, Peter Obi’s request that the party’s account be thoroughly investigated is why Abure is planning to suspend him from the party.

She said, “Everybody knows it wasn’t justified because they only did that to cover their ills from the public because the allegations out there are clear and loud. 

Julius Abure should tell us that all the allegations of corruption levelled against him are false. He should just come out clearly and say that I’ve lied against him instead of trying to jump to a conclusion.

“But the good thing is I’ve also sued the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission so that they can investigate the account. 

Again, Mr Peter Obi has also come out to say that the account will be thoroughly investigated hence the reason Julius Abure has been trying to suspend him from the party.

“That is the news out there because nothing is hidden. We all heard that he had been trying to do that. He has been trying to use the members of state executives. I mean the state chairmen. 

They’re trying to tell them that their jobs will be taken hence the reason why they all needed to come up together and stand and fight.

“Again, fighting for what? The allegations are clear. The allegations were too weighty to face, but he is going by the cunning way and trying to cut corners by trying to cover them. Those tracks will not be covered.”

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