UK-based Nigerian YouTuber, Emdee Tiamiyu Arrested Over Alleged Fraud | MarvelTvUpdates

A Nigerian YouTuber based in the United Kingdom, Emdee Tiamiyu, has been arrested on allegations of fraud.

In a video making the rounds on social media, Tiamiyu, who made headlines few months ago following a controversial interview with the BBC over Nigerian immigrants, is now facing scrutiny over a financial dispute involving the UK government.

The incident traces back to a recent BBC interview in which Tiamiyu made remarks about Nigerian students in the UK, suggesting that many use the student visa system not for academic pursuits but to work and bring their families to the country.

The interview reportedly influenced the UK government’s decision to impose restrictions on Nigerian students, specifically barring them from bringing family members to the UK unless they are enrolled in PhD programmes.

Following the controversial interview, Tiamiyu is alleged to have defrauded the UK government of £160,000. 

Reports suggest that the funds, intended for resettlement purposes, were instead used by Tiamiyu to construct a house in his native Ogun State in Nigeria.

The allocation of the resettlement funds by the UK government was presumably to aid Tiamiyu’s integration and financial stability within the country, particularly after his asylum claim post-interview.

The UK government has yet to release an official statement regarding the arrest or the specifics of the fraud allegations.

The situation remains fluid, with potential implications for bilateral relations and the international student community in the UK.

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