‘Why We Awarded Bobrisky The Best Female Dressed Award At Movie Premiere’ – Organizers Reveals | MarvelTvUpdates

The producer of Ajakaju, Eniola Ajao, has explained why controversial cross-dresser, Bobrisky was handed the best-dressed award for the female category at the movie premiere over the weekend.

We recalls that netizens had continued to criticise the movie premiere organisers for handing cross-dresser Bobrisky the best-dressed award for the female category at the event.

However, in an interview with Arise TV, Ajao explained that the decision to award Bobrisky the best-dressed female award category was a publicity strategy.

She described the move as a joke stating, “It was just all jokes anyway, we just wanted to have fun, and we wanted people to talk about the movie; My SIM and I decided that we need to talk about this, it needs to be in the faces of people, so I have been taking it upon myself to protect the image of a lot of people at the same time I have been doing it all alone all alone by myself, I taking it upon myself to do it and I wasn’t getting any help that I feel I needed, so I said okay what can we do for people to talk about this film and we decided okay let us give it to Bob, Bob is always a controversial person, then at the end of the day people started talking about it…” she said.

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