Organised Labour Presents Fresh Proposal To FG, Demands N615,000 Minimum Wage | MarvelTvUpdates

Organised Labour has demanded ₦615,000 as the new minimum wage for workers in the country.

An executive of the organized labour, requesting anonymity as he lacked authorization to speak on the issue, disclosed to Sunday PUNCH that the consensus on the new monthly wage of ₦615,000 was reached through consultations facilitated by the NLC and TUC.

The source said, “We (NLC and TUC) have given our figures to the government (on the minimum wage), and it is ₦615,000. That is the position of the NLC and TUC on the matter. The government has been informed as well.”

Recall that the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Joe Ajaero, had said in an interview that rising inflation in the country might push organised labour to demand N1 million as the minimu wage.

As a result, various controversies emerged, with experts expressing doubts about the feasibility or long-term viability of the proposed wage.

However, in an interview with Punch correspondent, another labour leader emphasized that the NLC and TUC had tentatively agreed on setting the new wage at ₦615,000.

When questioned about whether the May 1 deadline was still feasible, the labour leader said, “What I want you to know is that we are doing our best. 

Both the TUC and NLC have harmonised, and they have sent their position to the government.

“We are in the process. Be assured that once anything happens, I will, as usual, inform you. 

That is all I can tell you for now because we have not met, even though we have submitted our unified positions to the Federal Government. We will be speaking with one voice.

“But, let me also hint to you that with the removal of the electricity tariff subsidy, we are going to have another round of serious conversations with the government.

“Mind you, the tariff increase is also very good for us, because they (the government) did it when the new minimum wage process had not been concluded. So, it is going to be a good ground for us to ask for more.

“Our position will be defended based on the new price of ₦225 per kWh of electricity. Although we (the government and Labour) are not in agreement, we are waiting to meet and decide on the next point of action.”

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