Kogi Assembly Told To Impeach Ododo For Escaping With Former Governor Yahaya Bello | MarvelTvUpdates

Deji Ajare, a human rights lawyer, has urged Kogi State lawmakers to begin impeachment proceedings against Governor Usman Ododo over his alleged role in preventing his predecessor, Yahaya Bello from arrest.

Ododo allegedly whisked Bello away in his official car when officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) besieged the former governor’s Abuja residence on Wednesday.

Bello is being charged for laundering the sum of N80.2 billion during his eight-year tenure as Kogi governor. 

Ajare, who accused Ododo of misconduct and abuse of power, urged the Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Umar Yusuf, to begin impeachment proceedings against the incumbent governor.

In a letter addressed to the speaker on Friday, Ajara noted that the use of the governor’s motorcade to ferry away the embattled former governor amounted to the harbouring of a fugitive, obstruction of justice, and the misuse of state resources.

Ajare called on the assembly to cooperate with the EFCC and ensure all individuals involved are available for questioning and investigations.

The letter partly reads: “In the light of the above allegations and the inherent potential breaches of statutory duties imposed by the Constitution and other relevant laws of our country, these actions, if proven true, amount to gross misconduct and warrant immediate investigation and commencement of impeachment proceedings.

“I hereby call on the Kogi State House of Assembly under your leadership to initiate a thorough inquiry into these allegations by Section 188 of the Nigerian Constitution, to ascertain the truth and to hold Governor Usman Ododo accountable if the allegations are found to be true.

“I also urge the Kogi State House of Assembly to cooperate with national law enforcement agencies, including the EFCC, to ensure all individuals involved are available for questioning and to facilitate a smooth investigation.”

He further implored the House of Assembly to take swift and decisive actions, noting the effect of the “misgovernance implied in these allegations” on the people of the state.

However, the Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Mohammed Yabagi, said neither the Clerk nor the Speaker had received such a letter.

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