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Bobrisky, a cross-dresser who was convicted, has submitted an appeal against his conviction for financial misconduct by a Federal High Court in Lagos.

In his appeal, the crossdresser who was convicted requested the appellate court to overturn the six-month jail term that was issued to him.

In the appeal, submitted by his attorney Deji Adeyanju, Bobrisky contends that: “Trial Judge erred in law and facts by his imposition of the maximum sentence of months imprisonment terms against the appellant without option of fine contrary to the provisions of Section 416(2) d of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act of 2015 (“ADCJA”) that prescribed the mandatory guidelines on the trial court on imposition of sentencing after criminal conviction of a first time offender as the appellant.”

“is seeking an order setting aside the six months maximum imprisonment sentence imposed on the appellant and in its place, an imposition of a fine in the sum of N50,000 on each of the counts against the appellant”.

Last week, we reported that developments indicate that the controversial crossdresser had been relocated from the Ikoyi Correctional Center to the Kirikiri Prison by the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS).

Contrary to earlier reports suggesting that Bobrisky remained at the Ikoyi Correctional Centre, a credible source within the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) confirmed to us that the social media personality was discreetly transferred to Kirikiri Prison over the weekend.

Explaining the decision, the source stated, “It is procedural that he is moved to Kirikiri since it is an expansive prison compared to what we have here.”

He added that due to security reasons, Okuneye was quietly moved to the facility where he will serve his term.

The source further emphasized that Okuneye was transferred quietly to ensure security, and he will serve his term at the facility.

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