80% Of Lekki Buildings Lack Approval – Lagos State Govt Says | MarvelTvUpdates

Dr. Oluyinka Olumide, Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, disclosed that a staggering 80% of buildings in the Ibeju Lekki and Epe areas of Lagos lack official government approval.

This revelation comes amidst mounting criticism over the state government’s approach to demolitions and urban regulation.

During a recent press engagement, Commissioner Olumide highlighted the ongoing challenges in enforcing urban planning regulations. 

He noted that despite clear zoning and planning regulations, many property developers and homeowners continue to bypass legal processes, contributing to widespread unapproved construction.

“Last week, my team and I surveyed the Ibeju Lekki and Epe corridor, and it was evident that a significant majority of the estates there are unapproved,” Olumide stated. 

He further explained that many of these areas are designated for agricultural use, yet are being sold off for residential and commercial development without proper zoning changes or planning permissions.

The commissioner elaborated on the steps required for lawful building practices, which start with obtaining planning information to understand the designated use of the land. 

“The procedure includes several stages, such as obtaining a fence permit and a layout permit for larger expanses of land, which many are skipping,” he said.

The laxity in following these procedures not only leads to unauthorized developments but also poses risks to investors, especially those abroad who might not be aware of the zoning laws. 

“Some developers even begin advertising and selling plots without securing the necessary approvals, misleading potential buyers about the legality of their investments,” Olumide added.

This issue has become a focal point for the Lagos State government as it struggles to balance development needs with regulatory compliance. 

The state has intensified its monitoring and enforcement efforts, marking numerous properties for review and potential action.

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