Presidency Keeps Mum As Concerns Heighten Over President Bola Tinubu’s Whereabouts | MarvelTvUpdates

Amidst growing speculation and concern, questions regarding the current whereabouts of President Bola Tinubu have intensified following his departure from Nigeria on April 23, 2024. 

President Tinubu embarked on official visits to the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia, with his extended absence prompting heightened scrutiny and apprehension among the public.

The President’s trip, undertaken at the invitation of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, encompassed participation in the prestigious World Economic Forum (WEF) in Saudi Arabia. 

The WEF assembly, a platform for global leaders to engage in discussions on pertinent international issues, concluded on April 29, 2024.

However, with President Tinubu yet to return to the country, citizens have expressed mounting concerns regarding his whereabouts and activities during this extended absence.

Speculations regarding the reasons for his prolonged stay abroad have fueled apprehension and prompted calls for clarity from the government.

In response to inquiries regarding the President’s location, officials from the Office of the President have reiterated that President Tinubu remains actively engaged in diplomatic and economic endeavours aimed at advancing Nigeria’s interests on the global stage. 

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