Federal Govt Rubbishes Binance CEO’s Bribery Allegation | MarvelTvUpdates

‘’Nobody demanded any money, the case is being taken to a logical conclusion. He’s making it up although I am not aware of any such allegations. As far as I am concerned, the charges are going on and we are making every effort to ensure that we get to a logical end.’’ — prosecutor with the EFCC, Ekele Iheanacho.

“Did he (Binance CEO) mention a name? Since he didn’t mention a name, why should anyone be worried? Why should anyone waste their time if somebody made an unfounded allegation but could not mention any name?” — A top official in the ONSA.

“If someone would say something like this, he should have the capacity to mention the people. It’s not worth our time, anybody can say anything but as long as they can’t substantiate it, it’s a waste of time. He should mention names, if not, all that he’s saying is rubbish.” — A top EFCC chief.

“It is the tradition of these international players to blackmail the country whenever they’re caught. What is the correlation between the alleged request for bribes and the allegations brought against Binance?
“The facts are there – they evaded tax, their platform is being used to launder money, so why are they not facing the facts? The claim is frivolous and a mere blackmail against the government.”
— A senior EFCC official.

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