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A man has been arrested after he attempted to shoot the pastor of a church during a service at Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church in North Braddock, Pennsylvania, US on Sunday. But his gun refused to fire.

The 26-year-old man identified as Bernard J. Polite wanted to gun down the pastor, saying, “God told me to do it”.

The incident happened when the Sunday service was ongoing, plunging the congregation into pandemonium as the service was being live-streamed.

After Polite was arrested, the body of a 56-year-old man — identified as Derek Polite — was found fatally shot in the suspect’s home, according to authorities.

On Tuesday, law enforcement officials said the suspect had been charged with homicide in connection with the death of the man, who they said was his cousin.

Witnesses interviewed by detectives said they saw the suspect “pacing outside the residence” the morning of the church incident, and a neighbor “reported hearing a noise which could have been a gunshot.”

Polite is being held in jail ahead of his arraignment.

According to a criminal complaint, Polite allegedly confessed to attempting to kill the pastor, telling a police trooper, “God told him to do it.”

In a “Good Morning America” interview, the pastor said it was a “miracle” he survived the attempted shooting.

“He pulled the trigger and a miracle of God happened that the gun got jammed. That bullet had a name on it,” Germany said.

Germany told “GMA” he saw Polite enter the church, and that the man smiled at him before walking up to the pulpit and pointing the gun at him. 

The deacon, Clarence McCallister, can be seen tackling Polite as Germany darts behind a podium.

“I just jumped up and … pulled his arm down to his side and locked him up,” McCallister told “GMA.”

Germany described McCallister’s quick response as “an act of heroism if I’ve ever seen one.”

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