Newly Appointed Advisers, Supervisors In Ekiti Take Oath Of Office With Ogún (VIDEO) | MarvelTvUpdates

Some newly appointed supervisors and advisers of Ikere-Ekiti Local Government Area in Ekiti state, in a video, were sworn in with an ‘Ògún’ totem and the Quran.

A video that surfaced online on Tuesday, May 7, shows the supervisors and advisers swearing at the conference hall of the office of Olu Adamolekun, chairman of Ikere-Ekiti LGA.

The oath of office was administered to the appointees by Adamolekun. 

The appointees could be seen taking turns wielding a cutlass (a totem for the god of iron) in one hand and a Quran in the other.

While administering the oath of office, Adamolekun asked each of the appointees to repeat the following which was spoken in Yoruba and translates to: “From today, I will be loyal and truthful to BAO (Ekiti state governor), and Monisade (deputy governor), APC and its leaders. 

I will take instructions from the leaders. If I refuse to do so, Ogun or the Quran should kill me. For this, I will be truthful”

In Nigeria, public office holders usually swear an oath of office using the Quran or Bible, while pledging allegiance to the constitution.

Watch video below;

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