Burkina Faso Junta President Cuts Politicians’ Pay By 30%, Boosts Workers’ Salaries To 50% | MarvelTvUpdates

Captain Ibrahim Traoré, the President of Burkina Faso, has implemented significant changes to government salaries as part of his reform agenda. 

He reduced the salaries of ministers and high-ranking politicians by 30%, aiming to address economic imbalances and promote financial responsibility within the government.

In a further move to support the general workforce, Traoré increased the salaries of public sector workers by 50%, signaling his commitment to improving the livelihoods of ordinary citizens.

Remarkably, Traoré himself has refused to accept the presidential salary, opting instead to maintain his pay as a military captain. 

This decision underscores his focus on solidarity and leadership by example during Burkina Faso’s transitional period .

These actions have garnered both domestic and international attention, with public figures such as Nigerian activist Charly Boy applauding the measures as a step towards economic justice and governance reform.

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