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A month after their senior colleagues Taiwo ‘Ogogo’ Hassan and Yinka Quadri squashed their beef at actor Yomi Fabiyi’s housewarming and birthday party, Iyabo Ojo and Liz Anjorin, have followed suit.

The long-standing feud between Ojo and Anjorin took a new dimension in September 2023 when Anjorin accused celebrities of exploiting Mohbad’s death for clout.

Although Anjorin didn’t mention Ojo’s name, she ( Ojo) said she was convinced that the actress ( Anjorin) was referring to her.

Since then, the actresses have been embroiled in a public spat, using their social media platforms to trade barbs.

The feud intensified in February when Anjorin accused Ojo of setting her up in a fraudulent gold transaction and clothing deal at Idumota market in Lagos.

The allegation led to actress Ojo’s February’s cyberbullying and defamation legal action against Anjorin at a Federal High Court in Ikoyi, Lagos State.

We reported in November 2023 that Ojo threatened legal action against Anjorin on the same allegations and demanded retraction in four national newspapers, a full apology posted on Anjorin’s verified social media for two weeks, and N500 million compensation for damages.

Anjorin, however, did not appear at the scheduled court hearing in February, but Ojo, through her Instagram page, announced the adjournment of the hearing to 10 April.

But, the longstanding feud between the actresses ended on Thursday during a court hearing by Justice Olabisi Akinlade, who brokered a peace between the actresses.

Viral footage obtained by this newspaper shows the actresses smiling as they left the courthouse, following Justice Akinlade’s intervention as a mediator to reconcile them.

Speaking after the proceedings, Anjorin’s lawyer, Olabiyi Ademola, confirmed that both actresses are ready to move forward peacefully.

He added that the judge offered both actresses ‘motherly advice’ to cease their social media fighting and cursing and instead embrace peace.

Mr Ademola said, “The judge assumed a maternal role, admonishing her daughters, offering advice, and emphasising that court appearances aren’t perpetual. She encouraged them to resolve their differences, and I expressed confidence that justice would prevail, evidenced by their smiles as they left the courtroom.”

Motherly advice

Reacting, the actresses – Anjorin and Ojo – hailed Mrs Akinlade as a maternal figure for her efforts in resolving the long-standing feud between them.

The actresses (Anjorin and Ojo) stated that it’s uncommon to find a judge who offers such insightful and compassionate advice instead of simply pronouncing judgement.

Ojo explained that Mrs Akinlade encouraged them to cease mudslinging on social media.

The mother-of-two added that the judge also implored them to end their hostile altercations with each other.

“According to the judge, it is imperative that we refrain from negatively mentioning our names on social media and promote peace. This directive has been given to us as an order. Our relationship has always been peaceful, even before this”, Ojo said.

Anjorin, however, revealed she intended to have a judgement pronounced without them knowing they were coming to court to see their mother.

“She excelled as a mother. Were it any other judge, her verdict would be final, incontestable. However, she deviated from the norm and expressed concern for us, offering guidance on what actions to take and which to avoid.

“When I confided in her about my social media struggles, she brushed aside the online realm, emphasising her concern for us, expressing her desire to see harmony and unity among us rather than discord and strife.”

Anjorin clarified that she has always maintained a peaceful relationship with actress Ojo, even before the court case began.

She stated that she moved on from the issue immediately, following Justice Akinlade’s advice.

“If peace is what you seek, peace shall be granted. If Gistlover comes after me, I’ll confront the blog. We’ve always maintained peace, but those media influencers rely on social media before they even eat to stir up trouble.”


Anjorin further alleged that Ojo owns the popular gossip blog Gistlover, which she claims has been spreading false information about her.

Additionally, Anjorin’s social media posts hinted at accusations against a figure named ‘Sepeteri’, widely believed to be a pseudonym for Ojo. These insinuations included allegations of inappropriate behaviour, even involving Ojo’s daughter.

Ojo responded to Anjorin’s tirade in an Instagram video, challenging her to mention her name if she meant the accusations directly. Iyabo also claimed Anjorin still owes her money from a previous film project.

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