Court Grants Mohbad’s Family Permission To Conduct Independent Autopsy | MarvelTvUpdates

Court Grants Mohbad’s Family Permission To Conduct Independent Autopsy | MarvelTvUpdates

A court has granted the family of late singer, Mohbad permission to conduct a second autopsy. This decision comes after the family expressed dissatisfaction with the initial autopsy results, which were deemed inconclusive.

The Aloba family rejected the results and, on 16 June, urged the Lagos State Government to con­firm the autopsy’s authenticity because of the public’s doubts and conflicting reports.

Mohbad’s family appealed to the coroner’s inquest’s presiding magistrate to ensure that an in­dependent toxicology report is submitted to the court before the final report is submitted to the authorities.

The coroner’s inquest, whose role is to determine the identity of the deceased, the time, cause, and manner of death, has so far revealed that the first autopsy provided no conclusive cause of death.

During a Wednesday hear­ing at a magistrate court in Ikorodu, Mohad’s family and their legal representatives were granted permission for a second autopsy.

Subsequently, the family and their legal team confirmed they received the court’s authorisation to proceed with the additional au­topsy.

At a press conference, Mohbad’s father, Joseph Alo­ba, expressed gratitude for the court’s decision to allow for a second autopsy.

“I appreciate the responses all along to the death of Mohbad. We appreciate the judiciary for this decision. There is a reason for the government to instruct that we exhume Mohbad for them to know the cause of his death,” he said.

Mohbad, 27, died on 12 Sep­tember 2023 under controversial circumstances. Almost a year af­ter his death, there appear to be conflicting reports over the cause of his death.

After several clamours for jus­tice to ascertain the cause of his death, his body was exhumed on 21 September 2023 for an autop­sy by the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH).

The autopsy, which com­menced in September 2023, re­leased on 7 June, failed to deter­mine the cause of death.

The inconclusiveness of the autopsy results was attributed to body decomposition and poten­tial reactions to medications he received before his death.

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