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As announced this morning by Yousef the Deputy Head of House, the darling contest briefing read “female Housemates who interact with Darling Haircare products the most and maintain their hair properly will be awarded weekly points to stand a chance of winning 2.5 million at the end of the Show”

For the guys, all they have to do is assist in the salon to amass weekly points and stand a chance to win the grand prize of 1.5 million also at the end of the Show.

It’s the first time the Shine Ya Eye Geng are in the salon, and they all seemed eager to get right to work. Alongside winning the cash prize and amassing points, they also seemed keen on getting a new look or more appropriately, finding their beautiful

The Housemates needs all the help they can get to look good and they are helping each other out beautifully. Housemates reeled out what they were good at and what help they could offer the next Housemate. “I have two sisters and I am quite familiar with hair making,” Cross said, listing out his work experience.

The Live Show will be taking place in a bit, darling has given out dear housemates an opportunity to fire up their good looks for the night and we can’t wait to see the serving looks these wonderful teams will be giving us tonight

Watch video here:

Housemates playfully discussing in the darling salon

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