“I see Angel as a distraction” Emmanuel explains why he nominated Angel for Eviction |MarvelTvUpdates

Big Brother Naija housemate, Emmanuel, has revealed that he sees Angel as a distraction to him in the house.

He disclosed this to Big Brother during his Diary Session on Tuesday, day 17 of the show and the discussion ensued when Biggy asked Emmanuel why he put Angel up for nomination during the nomination show on Monday.

Emmanuel then said that he nominated her because she was a distraction to him.

He said, “For Angel, I just see her as a distraction. Nothing more, nothing less. I just see her as a distraction. She’s a cool girl. I just see her as a distraction generally.”

Biggy asked him why he called Angel a distraction and he answered, “She has an amazing personality and she has a certain kind of ‘vibe’ that I could be lured into.”

He further explained, “She’s pretty, she’s amazing, she had vibe and is very active but I just see her as a distraction when it comes to her personality.”

Ironically, Angel also nominated him for eviction during the show. Though Angel was not among the housemates for possible eviction, Emmanuel is one of them.

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