BBNAIJA: “I wanted you alone, didn’t want to share your attention with anybody” – Queen confronts Whitemoney for sharing their personal issues with Jackie B (VIDEO) |MarvelTvUpdates

Big Brother Naija S6 housemate, Queen, has stated that she is guided when it comes to friendship and want Whitemoney to give only her his attention in the house.

She said this on Friday, day 48 of the show, while they were washing dishes. Queen, who had been snubbing Whitemoney for a couple of days, confronted him for sharing their personal issues with Jackie B.

Queen accused Whitemoney of sharing their personal issues with Jackie B, his love interest in the house which was why she has not been in talking terms with him

“I wanted you to be my friend . I wanted you alone. I didn’t like sharing your attention with anybody. When she had Michael, she didn’t share his attention with anybody,” Queen complained.

Whitemoney, however, told Queen that Jackie B had to confront her because Queen ignored her first.

“But weren’t you ignoring her first?” Whitemoney asked.

Queen retorted, “I wasn’t ignoring her. She came to me on Wednesday and asked me how I was doing. I told her I’m fine. She said she knows that I’m having issues with her.”

Whitemoney said, “You started giving her attitude from that day.”

“No, I didn’t give her attitude. Call her, let’s talk. When did I give her attitude? She came to me on Wednesday and I told her that I was fine,” Queen ranted.

She continued, “I was having a mood swing and she saw me yesterday. When she saw me, she ignored me. So I’m like why did you tell her?

“We had issues. I discussed it with you, that’s my personal problem with you. Then you went on and started telling her and other people.”

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