Nigeria Is Bleeding – Former Governor of Jigawa State Sule Lamido | MarvelTvUpdates

Sule Lamido, one of the former governors of Jigawa state and chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) has said Nigeria is bleeding to the situation of insecurity in the country. In his meeting with the former president of Nigeria, gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, at the presidential library penthouse in Abeokuta during the weekend, Lamido was quoted to have said Obasanjo had reinforced his faith in Nigeria despite its numerous challenges.

He said Obasanjo is loyal to making sure that Nigeria is out of it’s numerous challenges. “How do we remain safe is the biggest problem and challenge now in this country because now, nobody is safe again. ” Imagine , kidnapping 3 workers of baba, a former president of the country. Who is safe again?!”

Lamido also added that Obasanjo said he’s already growing old and he replied him that he’s not and he’s still needed in the country. He also told Lamido that he would do anything for Nigeria and this fascinated Lamido. He said “that is very inspiring. That is why I like him and this is what reinforces my faith in Nigeria”.

” No matter how down we go in Nigeria, we will rise again but Nigeria is obviously bleeding at the moment. It is bleeding”. Lamido concluded

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